Continuum Analytics donates $100k to Project Jupyter

If you are a user of the Jupyter Notebook, you are probably familiar with Continuum Analytics. Continuum is well known in the data science space for their Anaconda Python Distribution, which eases the pain of installing the Jupyter Notebook and many other open-source Python and R packages.

Continuum is also an Institutional Partner and long time collaborator with Project Jupyter. Damian Avila (Jupyter Steering Council member) and a number of other Jupyter Contributors work with and for Continuum. Furthermore, the open-source project, phosphor.js, is being developed at Continuum under the leadership of Chris Colbert, in partnership with Bloomberg. Phosphor.js is being used as the foundation for the next-generation of the official Jupyter Notebook frontend, called JupyterLab.

Today we are pleased to announce a new aspect of Continuum’s support for Project Jupyter. Continuum has made a research gift of $100,000 to the project through Fernando Perez (UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Brian Granger (Cal Poly). This funding will enable the project to strengthen its core activities and expand into new areas that existing funding doesn’t cover.

Fernando Perez, creator of IPython and co-founder of Project Jupyter, describes the significance of the funding in the following terms:

As the adoption and usage of the Jupyter Notebook has grown dramatically over the last few years, the project faces new challenges expanding in multiple directions at once. Continuum’s financial support helps us build the project’s foundations to ensure we can continue creating a valuable research, education and industrial data science platform for years to come.

We would like to thank Continuum for their contributions, and are looking forward to working with them in the future.